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About Me

I am an embroidery artist living in New Orleans. I create my pieces using many different styles of embroidery including tambour, ribbonwork, goldwork, free motion machine embroidery, and so much more. I love creating custom pieces from pet portraits to covering up holes in loved vintage items. Please check out the portfolio of my work to see how I can best bring your ideas to life!

Types of Embroidery


Free Motion Machine Embroidery

This style of embroidery is created by using a sewing machine to "paint" different threads onto fabric. I move my fabric by hand. (I do not use an embroidery machine or programing to create these designs.)


Applique Embroidery

This style of embroidery is made up of different pieces of fabric put together to create an image. Free motion machine embroidery is then applied to keep the fabric in place.


Goldwork Embroidery

This style of embroidery has been around for at least 2000 years. This style uses metal threads or metal wrapped thread to create intricate and sparkling works of art.


Ribbon Work

This style of embroidery uses ribbons to create floral inspired embroidery. Different colored and textured ribbons are used in many different techniques to create a wide array of floral creations.

bow skirt.PNG


This simple tool allows me to create large patterns and designs out of beads and sequins.

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