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Houndstooth Tassle Blazer
  • Houndstooth Tassle Blazer

    Inspired by military-style embroidery, this zip-up Pendleton wool blazer features a bold and unique design. Hand-made tassels line the front of this blazer while soutache twists around the back and cuffs. Lastly, velvet ribbon is hand stitched on with a delicate and shiny thread decorating the top.


    I love giving new life to gently used items. This blazer is used and in excellent condition.


    Each clothing item has been lovingly hand-washed by me before being embroidered, so they are clean and ready to be worn!


    100% wool Pendleton blazer

    • Sizing

      Size- 10

      Shoulder to shoulder- 16”

      Length- 19”

      Arm length- 23”

      *Please check sizing and measurements carefully before purchasing

    • Care Instructions

      I believe the best way to care for your hand embroidered items is by hand. (Even if the tag says dry clean only) First, if the tassles are getting a little crazy just gently smooth back into place with your hands. If that doesn't work, you can get them a little wet then smooth back into place with your hands. For this piece, you can wash it by hand! Put the jacket in a large tub of cold/tepid water with a mild detergent where it can lay flat without bunching up. Lightly agitate the water to clean the jacket. (DO NOT twist, wring, scrub, or bunch up the fabric.) Rinse with cold water to get the soap out. Gently roll the garment in a towel to get the water out or use the spin cycle in your washing machine for a couple of seconds. (Do not put in a dryer) Steam to get wrinkles out. See my "laundry tips" page for more information! Please feel free to reach out with questions about your hand-embroidered garments.

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